Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's Up To Us Now!

HB 5, signed into law by Gov. Perry in June, 2013, finally affords Texas school board trustees the local control and flexibility we have sought for so long.  But it is now up to all of us to act.  We cannot wait for direction from the SBOE or TEA ... those guidelines may not come!  And that is in everyone's best interest.

Over the coming months, leading up to presentations by Bobby Rigues, Aledo ISD Master Trustee, and Craig Rothmeier, Carroll ISD Master Trustee, at Winter Governance in Corpus Christi and Summer Leadership Institute in both San Antonio and Ft. Worth, we will share perspectives on how to address the HB-5 defined elements of Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability.

Through discussions with public education champions from H.D. Chairman, Alief ISD Superintendent, to Rep, Jimmy Don Aycock, Chairman of the House Education Committee, and administrators in multiple districts, we will share perspectives on what we must do to leverage the newly defined opportunities.  And we will do so to the great benefit of students in our districts.

Join us as we ride the HB 5 wave and learn how you can and must address the opportunities afforded us by this game-changing legislation.  And a heck of a ride it will be!  We're glad you are with us and thank you for your service to the more than 5 million public education students in Texas.

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