Thursday, February 25, 2016

Make Education a Priority Announces as a Non-Profit!

I was privileged to be a part of the announcement on February 10th that Make Education Priority (MEaP) is becoming a 501(c)(3) organization, advocating for public education not just within the State of Texas but at a national level as well.  This action is an affirmation of the purpose and goals of a grassroots organization first envisioned by our CEO, Aledo ISD trustee Bobby J Rigues, in 2010. 

Make Education a Priority will focus on three primary strategies. 
  • Promote engagement in our communities.  MEaP will endeavor to strengthen the interactions among all public education stakeholders, including communities, business and industry, students, and our schools. 
  • Focus on effective school board governance.  With more than 7000 trustees across the State of Texas, MEaP will focus on advocating to school board trustees the value of governance and an effective “team of eight” relating to vision, structure, accountability, advocacy and unity.
  • Building relationships with policymakers.  MEaP will promote and support public awareness of the impacts and effects of legislation on our public schools and will advocate for increased stakeholder involvement in the legislative process. 

Public education is a part of the conversation across our communities.  In many cases, the public schools in a community are the core of the community and there is a great opportunity to leverage these conversations in support of the more than 5.3M students in Texas, 93% of whom are a part of the public education system.  Through conversation and actions, Make Education a Priority will continue to advocate for those students and to ensure that their well-being and the quality of their education remains at the forefront.  

For further information about Make Education a Priority, visit, and follow us on Facebook (makeeducationpriority) and Twitter (@schoolpriority).

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